Hover Craft

About Our Hovercraft

Lady Hawke

The Lady Hawke – a 1994 Ranger Model – is nearly 8,000 lbs of simple, comfortable, pure, and reliable transportation.  Built to comfortably seat up to 20 passengers in an air-conditioned cabin, and boasting a 300 hp turbocharged Cummins diesel engine, the Lady Hawke is fashioned from durable, yet lightweight fiberglass and possesses a super sleek design not usually found on a craft of such magnitude.

Land, sea, ice, and even snow…no surface is too much for the Lady Hawke.  But this craft was specifically built for fun on the water, designed to travel bays, lakes, and other bodies comfortably at speeds up to 40 Knots.  Fully capable of maneuvering 360 degree spins and slides – and executing 180 degree turns on a dime – the Lady Hawke will surely provide a ride you won’t soon forget. 

Lift & Propulsion

Hovercraft lift is provided by a pair of contra-rotating axial flow fans.  The airflow is controlled by a hydraulic pump system independent from the engine RPM.  And for optimum performance, two fixed pitch ducted propellers provide propulsion – with the ability to adjust pitch manually depending on the type and length of tour being operated.


Length (off cushion) is measured to be 10.6m (35 feet), while the Beam (off cushion) and Height come out to 4.1m (13.5 feet), and 2.15m (7.1 feet), respectively.


Craft weight is calculated to be 3,300 kg (7,700 lbs), and Max Weight is 5,500 kg (12,100) lbs.


The Lady Hawke can reach max speeds up to 60 knots on ice, and 45 knots on water.

Weather Limitations

Max wave 1.5 m at pitch of 20m+ and wind speed of 25-30 knots.

Controls, Fuel System & Skirt

The craft’s directional control is provided by rudders fitted specifically to the propeller duct.   With stainless steel tanks (25 gallons) located on each side of the craft, the craft’s elevators provide pitch and roll attitude control.  Plus, the skirt is tapered full bag and segment type, and fingers are attached to the bag for easy removal for repair or replacement.

Passenger Comfort

Similar to that of an airplane, hovercraft seating is comfortable and accommodating; its configuration can easily be converted to fit the craft for cargo handling or a search and rescue mission.  Designed with carpeted flooring, walls and ceilings of fabric – and a deep, rich stereo system for an entertaining ride – the hovercraft is just as beautiful on the inside as it is externally.  Lastly, the craft is equipped with fully-functioning heating and cooling to provide cool air conditioning to escape the summer sun and a warm refuge when temperatures drop.

Safety Equipment

As personal well-being is always a top priority – and something that is never taken lightly – we maintain the highest of safety standards.  Our safety inventory includes adult and child US Coast Guard-certified life jackets to go along with an illuminated flashing light, 2 life-rings (with 50 feet of line), which can be found in each of the craft’s side compartments.  This is in addition to an assortment of flares sealed in a watertight compartment within the craft’s cabin.  Spare accessories including first aid kits, flashlights, fuses, tools, spotlights, operating manuals, and other incidentals are on the craft at all times.

Fire Equipment

The craft is equipped with an engine room fire suppression system along with two ABC Fire extinguishers located throughout the cabin.

Navigation & Communication Equipment

For navigational and communication purposes, the craft is outfitted with Garmin GPS model 541S, Furuno Radar model 1623, Uniden VHF, DSC, Model UM380, and Sony CD player.