Hovercrafts Invade The Keys!

Hovercrafts finally invade the Florida Keys! These RARE pieces of high-tech equipment are seldom seen anywhere in the world and yet we, the Florida Keys finally have our own. Some may say: “What in the world is a Hovercraft?” In the simplest form of the word, it’s a boat that rides on a cushion of air upon the water top while being propelled by high-speed fans. Hovercrafts were spotted in the Key’s for the first time as they began their trek to their new home in Key Largo on their companies recent move from Tampa. DragonFlightHovercraft.Com brought them over from Tampa on a 12 hrs. journey to a dropping point several miles above where they currently sit today. The smaller yellow & blue hovercraft was trucked all the way to its resting place while the larger more noticeable red & black had to be driven here by sea from its temporary home a few miles up the road. Asst. Engineer Carlos said these eye-catchers can reach 40 knots upon open water and hope to one day in the future include rides for tourists! I’m hoping that Carlos will call me being one of the first tourist to ride and then write about the experience normally reserved for  military or search & rescue. I’ve inserted close-ups of both below, Carlos offered me to stand on the yellow & blue one as he took my photo.There will be a follow-up blog so keep a look out! You can find these vessels with a unique-sleek-physique at Mile Marker 104.2 on the right hand side of US-1 south just before the Caribbean Club in Key Largo.


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