Wave of the Future comes to Key Largo

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Wave of the Future comes to Key Largo                        


Key Largo, Florida, March 17, 2012. Hover-Tour.com is proud to announce it has begun operating hovercraft tours for the first time in the U S.  Locals and tourists alike are raving about the speed, splashes and spins they experience when they fly over the surface of Keys waterways, on a cushion of air, aboard a hovercraft. 

“It was exciting and fun” said first timers Larry & Kathy Sweeney. “The spins and going sideways were the best part”, they added describing the tight 180 degree turns and spins that sent sparkling plumes of water cascading over the windshield. 

Riding in a hovercraft is not just another cruise on the bay.  It has a unique feel that is part airplane and part speed boat. 

Lady Hawke, the main craft used in the tours, is a 35 foot, 8,000 pound, 1994 Ranger model fiberglass hovercraft.  It takes 6 passengers in an enclosed, air conditioned cabin that feels much like the cockpit of a plane. While the normal cruising speed around Key Largo is about 32 knots, Lady Hawke is capable of 45 knots over water and up to 60 knots over ice. 

Lift comes from 2 contra-rotating axial flow fans; two fixed, pitch ducted props provide propulsion, and direction comes from rudders on the prop ducts. 

Lady Hawke attracts wildlife on its tours through Blackwater Sound.  Curious dolphins often come out in numbers and equally curious riders gasp with delight as they spot the dolphins jumping and playing around the craft.  Yet hovercrafts have no ill effects on the wildlife; they are very eco friendly.


Since they ride on a cushion of air above the surface of the water, they do not come into contact with marine animals and do not disturb the sea bottom or any fish spawning areas.  Fuel efficient diesel engines power the craft, and dual muffler systems keep noise to a minimum. 

The craft themselves are both curious to look at and have unique features that make them fun to ride but also very useful in search and rescue operations.  They can maneuver in tight spaces, run in shallow water, and work on land, water or even ice. 

Dragonfly, the alternate craft used by Hover-Tour.com, was designed as a search and rescue vessel.  

The operators of Hover-Tour.com in Key Largo are also the manufacturer’s representatives and hope to promote the sale and use of hovercraft for tourism, rescue and commercial industries. 

Hover-Tour.com is one of only three hovercraft tour operations in the world and is proud to begin service in south Florida.  Operations manager and pilot Guven Sen and lead mechanic Jim Sukow operate half hour tours at mm104 bayside in Key Largo, everyday between 10:00 am & 6:00 pm, weather permitting.  For more information, photos, videos and reservations, go to Hover-Tour.com or call (305) 904-3833. 

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