New Hover Tour in the Upper Florida Keys
May 22, 2012
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It's the only one of its kind in the U.S. and you'll find it in Key Largo. You can now hover above the waters of the Upper Keys when you board the Lady Hawke hovercraft. Yes – a hover craft! This is the FIRST hover craft tour in the entire U.S., so this is truly a special experience! Lady Hawke will move you (and spin!) at speeds of about 32 knots and since it actually rides on a cushion of air above the surface, this is an eco-friendly ride as well, to the land, the water and to marine life...

Hovercraft tour company opens in Key Largo

Holiday Tripper Hovercraft tours come to the Keys!

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“That was cool,” Sandy Olsen said as a curtain of water sprayed over the cockpit of the hovercraft she was riding in. The craft had come to an abrupt stop after making a quick, tight, 360 degree spin in — or more precisely over — Lake Surprise.

A few minutes later Olsen, her husband Lee, and fellow visitors from Wisconsin. Larry and Kathy Sweeney, laughed with delight as a pod of playful dolphins surrounded the hovercraft in Blackwater Sound. Pilot Guven Sen slowed the craft down to a crawl and said, “Wait. They always come.”

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