Holiday Tripper Hovercraft tours come to the Keys!

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“That was cool,” Sandy Olsen said as a curtain of water sprayed over the cockpit of the hovercraft she was riding in. The craft had come to an abrupt stop after making a quick, tight, 360 degree spin in — or more precisely over — Lake Surprise.

A few minutes later Olsen, her husband Lee, and fellow visitors from Wisconsin. Larry and Kathy Sweeney, laughed with delight as a pod of playful dolphins surrounded the hovercraft in Blackwater Sound. Pilot Guven Sen slowed the craft down to a crawl and said, “Wait. They always come.”

Hovercrafts Invade The Keys!

Hovercrafts finally invade the Florida Keys! These RARE pieces of high-tech equipment are seldom seen anywhere in the world and yet we, the Florida Keys finally have our own. Some may say: “What in the world is a Hovercraft?” In the simplest form of the word, it’s

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